How to Keep a Bored Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Not at Home

When you’re away your cat may feel at a loss and may need something to entertain him. An uninterested cat can turn into an animal that is destructive. Making a fun and stimulating environment or offering interactive toys can provide a cat with plenty for it to entertain itself when you’re away. Keep in mind that your cat is required to follow its instincts. giving it the opportunity to follow its natural instincts will help it be happier in its time of solitude.

Choosing Interactive Cat Toys for When You’re Not Home

1Create your own cat toys.

 You can make it easy by just wadding on some paper for your cat to play with. There are a myriad of ideas for the basic toys for cats. You can make use of tools to create a toy which has each of the bells and whistles that come with an already-purchased toy. 

2Select a toy that is a movement toy.

 Some toys allow cats to play with balls inside tubes or on towers. There are also toys which play laser games with cats. Cats are awestruck by the movement of their owners, and these kinds of toys can help to keep them busy. There are toys that replicate the movements that cats naturally play , which will keep your cat entertained. 
3Beware of toys with pieces that cats could swallow while you’re away.

 You don’t want to be greeted at home by an emergency at the vet due to your cat having swallowed something that could cause it to become sick. Offering safe toys can help to keep cats from playing with the more dangerous toys, however, the best way to prevent this is to keep dangerous items away from reach of cats. The best option is to look over any warnings on the packaging to determine whether they advise against playing without supervision. 
4Choose a plaything cats can strike using their feet.

 In addition to being able to move and control, it lets the cat regulate the motion, which is not possible the laser toy, or one that restricts its movement within a particular area. The cat is able to hit small balls or toy mice across the room , and chase them. It is also helpful to have toys that are ones that cats can carry. This will allow the cat to play with its natural prey-driven instincts and keep it entertained even when it’s at home by itself. 
5Select a toy that is interactive that comes with sweets.

 Some toys are made to test a cat before distributing a treat. This gives the cat something to do when you’re away and will also provide it with an excellent treat as well. This will help the cat exercise both its body and mind. 

Creating an Environment to Keep Your Cat Busy

1Build or buy spaces for your cat to climb on.

 A stimulating space will encourage cats to play more even while you’re away. Make sure the cat is able to climb out of any of these areas. There are a variety of cat trees and cat climbing spots accessible. If you’re concerned about style There are cats that are designed with a minimalistic design. 

There are a variety of different pet structures at the local pet shop or on the internet.

You can construct your own cat castle by taping or using tape to join cardboard boxes and then cutting holes in the middle for cats to climb up. Cats love boxes.

It is also possible to put up shelves for the cats to play on. 
2Set up the structures in a way that your cat is able leap or climb from one place across spaces.

 You don’t want your cat to break anything in the process of getting to an elevated spot and therefore make it simple the cat to walk up it. Also, you don’t want your cat to hurt themselves or damage furniture while trying to jump or climb, therefore it’s recommended to ensure that the those high spots aren’t too from each other. Try out the distances you can travel with your cat while you’re at in your home. 
3Remove any potentially dangerous or breakable objects from the room.

 If you have things that break and you like it is a good idea to create a closed-in curio to display them to ensure that your cat doesn’t cause them to fall over. Remove any dangerous plants as well as cotton balls and any other items that your cat may be attracted to chewing and eating.
4Set aside cat toys in the home.

 Cats like to explore their surroundings and it is an ideal method to keep them amused. The more toys you have, the more enjoyable. It is possible to place them in high places , and even in some places that are hidden (under couches, for example). So, your cat will have “prey” all around the home. 
5Blinds should be left open to let the cat see the world outside even when you’re not there.

 Cats like motion and will love watching squirrels and birds fly through. This can keep them entertained in an unpredictable wayand is economical too. It is not necessary to open all the curtains or blinds but only those close to the sofa or your cat’s favourite spot.
6Make sure you have a scratching post, or three.

 This is an excellent method to keep your cat occupied. Cats love to scratch which is why scratching post are crucial to avoid having your carpet and furniture to be totally scratched. Scratching posts won’t completely solve the issue however, it will likely assist. There are many kinds of scratching posts with a variety of styles and sizes to suit budgets.

Explore different designs to see what your cat prefers the most. This will to keep your cat away from furnishings. 
7Keep the TV in the background. 

The volume shouldn’t be set too high however, it should be at a normal speaking level. Human voices can keep your cat from being lonely. Also, the television can be set to show vibrant children’s shows or nature programming with fish and birds. This can help keep your cat entertained by the movements of the TV display.
8You can play the music or sound that your cat enjoys.

 Classical is often an enjoyable genre, however when you are sure that your cat enjoys a certain genre of music, you can play it. Keep it playing to ensure that your cat enjoys an endless supply of music. Music should calm the cat who is anxious. 
9Give out a few small lightweight containers for cats to run through.

Cats love strange hiding spots. Boxes can be a cost-effective means for keeping your pet amused. They are also simple to adapt for cat-related tasks. 

Installing a Catio to Secure Outdoor Entertainment

1Pick a place for your cat.

 You’ll want a area where your cat will be able to at a minimum see outside. If your home has a sunroom or closed-in porch, this could be a perfect cat catio. Cats will be able to view the squirrels and birds that can keep them amused for long hours. A window could be the perfect choice for a cat’s pet. 
2You must obtain any permits or authorizations.

 If you rent the property, you might not be allowed to build an additional catio without the approval by your landlord. If it’s an easily removed catio, this shouldn’t be an issue, however should you be building directly onto the home, it will probably require permission. Permits could be required by the homeowners’ or the city’s association. Contact the local permit office for more details. 
3Build or order a caio.

 If you do not have a sunroom or closed-in porch, you could need to construct or purchase the catamao. A lot of places offer plans for design that you can purchase and also already-designed catios you just need to put in. If you’re building one of your own, you’ll require an enclosure that cats isn’t able to scratch through, the structural structure, as well as a solid piece of wood for the base. You can create a cushy base after you’ve got the base support. Take note of your windows before purchasing a ready-made catio.
4Set up the catio.

 When you have your catio, place it inside the window. If you’ve done the right measurements it should be as simple as installing an air conditioner in the window. It is important to ensure that there’s not enough space between the catio and cats to run away. If the catio isn’t well, put up some sort of solid barrier so to ensure that the cat isn’t able to move around.
5Verify that the catio is secured.

 Be sure that there are no cats-sized spaces available for the cat to get out of. Also , ensure that the catio is built with enough support. It may be beneficial to put something of the same weight as your cat inside the catio to determine whether it is steady. The catio should be shaken to ensure it is securely fixed. One of the last things you wish to do is return back home and discover that your cat is missing.

Make sure that animals, including predators, don’t enter or overturn from the catastro. 

6Your cat should take an experiment.

 This is important due to a number of reasons. Let your cat go on an exercise when you’re away will allow you to check whether there are any issues that may be triggered while you’re away. Also, it will allow you to check if your cat enjoys the catio, and how it responds. 

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