For what reason Do Cats Purr?

Purring is one of the most popular cat sound. But we don’t know much on it, other than meowing hissing, chirping, chattering and growling.

Cats purr when they’re satisfied. When you have your cat lying under the sun’s rays, it could hear a soft rumble as you breathe them in. If you touch them, you can feel a slight twitch. It’s like they’re sending out waves of peace.

However, don’t think that sounds mean the cat’s in positive mood. It’s not the only time you hear it. Cats purr to express other feelings and needs, as well.

What happens if you grab your cat and pet them? Are they purring because they enjoy itor perhaps because they are scared?

While you’ll never be able to know what your dog purrs while purring, reading research by experts in the field, and looking at the situation, let you form an educated conclusion.

They’re Happi!

Your cat seems relaxed. Maybe they’re lying sleeping on their backs, their eyes half-closed, and tail mostly still. If they’re purring, then you can think they’re in a peaceful place.

This noise is a big smile.

They are hungry or want Something

Certain cats purr when they’re eating. British researchers looked into the sounds house cats make when they’re hungry as well as when they’re not thinking about food. The purrs aren’t like the ones you hear.

If cats purr when they want food, they pair their normal purrs with a loud, unpleasant mew or cry, which is much like the human baby’s cry. Researchers believe that humans are more likely to react when we hear this signal. Researchers have found that humans are able to distinguish between purrs even if they’re not pet owners.

Kitten-Mother Connection

Kittens are known to purr at just one or two days old. This could be a way to let mothers know the location they’re in or to let them know that they’re fine.

It also helps kittens connect to its mom. Mama cats can use it as an music.

Healing and Relief

Although purring is a lot of energy, there are many cats who purr when they hurt themselves or in discomfort. What is it that makes purring so worthwhile?

It could simply be a method for a cat or a dog to relax itself, similar to how the way a child will suck their thumb to relieve themselves.

Some research suggests that purring helps cats to improve their health faster. Purrs’ low frequency creates a chain of resonances within their bodies that may:

  • Treat wounds and bones
  • Repair tendons and build muscle
  • Breathing problems
  • It can lessen swelling and pain.

This could explain why cats can endure falls from high heights and have less complications following surgeries than dogs.

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