7 Things Your Cat Wants You To Know

It’s no surprise that felines are among the most beloved pet breeds throughout the United States. Between their charming charisma and smart personality, they have everything doing for them. However, what would happen if there were couple of things your cat would like to share with you? Here are seven things we believe that your cat would like to ensure you knew about them – directly from their mouths!

1.I love the outdoors, but I’ll live longer if you keep me inside.  

The outdoors feels more like my home and has a myriad of amazing things to explore and follow. But, it’s not the most ideal place to reside. Have you ever thought that you have a two-to-five year lifespan while living in the in the outdoors? This is incredibly small! If you allow me to stay inside in the warmth and warmth at home I could remain until seventeen years of age! This is about 15 years more of tender cuddles and hugs from me exclusively for you.

2. I meow only to you and not to other cats.

Cats aren’t required to meow to other animals apart from the occasional hissing fit we engage in when we are feeling threatened. We only meow at humans! When we’re kittens usow to alert our moms that we require food or comfort. As adults are, we no longer require meowing other than to communicate with us to inform you that we’re hungry, need to say hello , or if something is not right. The more you communicate with us, the greater will be talking to you!

3.I need more than dry cat food, please.  

I’m not just looking like the tiger… I have to be able to eat like one too! As cat I’m a real carnivore, which means that I require an animal-based diet. Sure, I love to have dry food that I can eat throughout the day, but it’s not the best diet if I only consume dry food. I’m more vulnerable to diabetes and obesity than my pet friends who are on a diet of wet food.

4. I’d like you to engage with me every once in time — I am bored.

When you leave work, I feel sad! I am a lover of companionship. In the absence of a sibling or brother to playwith, I’m in need of companionship more. When you return home, don’t be on your phones or sit and watch TV. Spend some time with me and stimulate my senses! Have fun playing with cat toys with me , and provide me with a bit of exercise as well as giving us the opportunity to be together as just a human and cat. I’ll love you for it, but it’ll also exhaust me slightly, and I’ll be in good shape to sleep.

5.Sitting with me can help reduce your stress and the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Do you realize that having me reduces the risk of having a stroke by 1/3? It’s true! My furry little spirit can ease anxiety and stress. It can aid in healing with the sound of my purrs.

6. Don’t be angry at me for scratching. I must scratch!

If you notice me whacking around on your furniture It’s not because I intend to wreck your couch. I just need an area where I can spread my legs and get my claws out! Also, I need to shed some of my claws when they become old and fragile. Sometimes I scratch at things to mark my boundaries by leaving claw marks and leaving a smell. Don’t be angry with me for this, it’s just my way of doing things! One way to combat this is to start scratching wood or posts. It gives me the assurance that there’s a secure area that I can stretch as well as scratch regular basis.

7Just because you call my name doesn’t mean I’ll come.

Whatever adorable my cat’s namesake has become, it is possible that you could make a million calls and I’ll look at the sky. You can trust me when I say that I’m familiar with my name. I’ve learned it through every time you’ve explained that to me. As a cat, I don’t feel any obligation to follow the rules just like Fido next door. If you make a call to the dog, he’ll come immediately since you’re higher in the order of things. For me, nothing is of any importance. I’m able to remember everything from the time you forced me to drink this icky medication to the next time you brought me to the doctor. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I just prefer to do things the way I want to.

These tips to take care of your cat will allow you to grow closer to your feline and will also assist your feline live as healthy as they can, so that they be a better pet to you.

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